Paragliding in Rio

If you ever come to Rio de Janeiro, do not waste the opportunity of being nearby what is probably the most unique urban forest in the world. Drop by Pepino Beach, at Sao Conrado, just a few kilometers from Copacabana and Ipanema, and pay us a visit.

Having enough time, you can even learn paragliding. You will be marvelled with the sights you are going to see overflying our Atlantic RainForest, within the Tijuca National Park, where our takeoff ramp is located. On the way to the ramp, if you are lucky and go up early enough in the morning, you might be able to see squirrels and foxes crossing the road and chipmunks up in the trees. At the ramp, depending on season of the year, you will be able to watch some of the most colorful birds that inhabit the forest, feeding on the wild berries that grow in the surrounding woods. Sometimes, even tucanos show up and can be seen.

All of us who fly at Pepino consider the seaside of the forest as our territory and do the best we can to help preserve it. After all, there are very few places around the world where you can do your flying certain that there is a very soft tree cushion beneath, where you can land in an emergency without the danger of injury. During the Eco'92 Summit held in Rio in that year, for example, every paraglider and hang-glider pilot that took off carried a small bag of rainforest seeds that were released in flight and spread all over the area to help the forest renewal.

Paragliding Lessons

Now, if you are interested and have the time, at least 15 days, we can teach you Paragliding. We have a large aviation instruction experience and now dedicate ourselves to teaching. Normally it will take a normal student about 8 to 10 lessons to make his maiden flight from our 500-meter ramp at Pepino Beach.

  • Learning will start at a soccer field at the Brazilian Air Force Officer’s Club where you will be taught the basics of paragliding. You will learn to unpack the glider, check it, unfold it in position for take off, inflate it and execute the correct movements to get airborne.

  • After you have acquired absolute proficiency in ground handling at the soccer field you will move to a 20m slope to practice very short flights. After acquiring absolute mastery on taking off at this slope, you will move to a higher 60-100m hill.

  • From this 60-100m slope you should achieve proficiency in taking off correctly, controlling the glider in flight, directing it to the correct landing spot and landing smoothly.

  • Afterwards, you will be submitted to a written exam at the Paragliding Association and then make your first flight at Pepino Beach ramp.

During all the learning and training, starting at the 30m slope, you will be receiving instructions by radio and will be using APCO or SOL paragliders adequate for the beginners' level.

Within the ramp environment you can also do hiking and climbing in the forest through very safe trails. You can even, depending on your fitness, trek to the top of Pedra da Gavea and Pedra Bonita (800m and 650m height).

But, if you are the type that does not like flying very much, just go up to the ramp for sightseeing. Normally there will be no trouble finding transportation with the pilots that hang around the area.

If you are willing and want to make a tandem flight, Hanglider or Paraglider,  just call us at
(21)2494-7664 or (21)9193-3193.